Letter Template

Feel free to use and modify this letter when advocating for change to your elected officials, curators, CEOs of organizations, or other people of influence when it comes to public art, street names, etc.

Dear <Mayor/Premier/MLA/MP/Prime Minister/CEO/President/Chancellor/Chairperson/Curator…..>

Throughout our <community/city/province/country> we have taken steps to document our history and share the stories of past leaders in our public places. We have memorials, statues, pictures, awards and streets dedicated to historical leaders. <Provide a specific example for the recipient’s organization here – ie. photos of past mayors in city hall.

It is important to honour these people, but those images reinforce what leadership looks like…from one perspective. Women are not represented in these images, in part because for centuries women’s contributions were either not acknowledged or, more tragically, excluded. We need to celebrate the contributions made by our forefathers but also acknowledge opportunities that were lost by marginalizing the contributions of so many.

It is time to profile all the powerful women who have built our communities, supported our people and provided care to others. We want to see women recognized in public places throughout <community/city/province/country>, so that we all have a visual representation of what women leaders are and can be. We want our daughters to know that they have an important place in this world.

We are not asking for the images of historical male leaders to be removed; we are simply asking for women to be displayed in equally prominent locations. These women can be from all walks of life who have contributed in a variety of ways to better our communities. If you need suggestions of who should be represented, please let us know. We would be happy to provide you with a list for your consideration.

We would to ensure women are equally represented as leaders in our public places before the end of 2017/2018/2019. Please let us know if you need help to do that. We have an army of women who are ready to make a difference, as they always have.

In the meantime, please contact us anytime through Facebook at ‘Completing the Story’ or through email at ……

Thank you for making this a fair and just world for all.

Signed <individual/group/association>