Lethbridge, AB

Melcor Developments’ Legacy Ridge development has named each street after a woman! They worked with the Lethbridge Historical Society to identify the local trailblazers. This is a development we can support! Check it out!

Another great example from Lethbridge, Alberta! This is what good representation of women in public places looks like! This statue stands outside the Galt Museum recognizing the Galt School of Nursing (1910-1955). A photo on display tells more.

This plaque has some rather unique wording:

A few more great examples:

It looks like Lethbridge is very progressive when it comes to Completing the Story. Legacy Ridge in Lethbridge, Alberta has parks and streets named after Lethbridge women of the past. Elizabeth McKillop Park contains this amphitheatre which displays plaques recognizing these women. Don’t you think it’s the perfect location for a statue, too?