Vancouver, BC

This is a fantastic article about how Vancouver chooses city street names.

Here is an excellent example of visual representation in Vancouver:

Wendy Poole Park is a small triangular plot of parkland near the waterfront in the Downtown Eastside in Vancouver, British Columbia. The land is at Alexander Street and the Main Street Overpass, and it was named by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation for a young aboriginal woman who was murdered nearby in 1989. The park contains a memorial boulder inscribed with information about Poole.

Wendy Poole was a member of the Tsay Keh Dene (“People of the Mountains”) a First Nations group from Northern B.C., near what is now the city of Prince George, British Columbia. She had moved to Vancouver, and was murdered on the second floor of a Downtown Eastside housing coop on January 26, 1989. Her body was later found in a nearby garbage dump. A man was arrested in connection with her death and was later acquitted. The murder case remains unsolved by police.

Helena Gutteridge plaque installed at City Hall, on the third floor at roughly the same spot on the west side of the lobby that the wall of white men that depicts all the mayors of Vancouver is displayed on the east side of the lobby. The person who posted the pictures on Facebook said, “There is a certain feminist symmetry to it.”